Because of the constantly changing provisions of the health care law and the administrations refusal to disclose information, the Congressional Budget Office now states that they cannot estimate the fiscal effect of the law.  We had to pass the bill to find out what’s not in it.

CNN got it right on the money.  This article was published in June of 2009 and predicted correctly that Americans would lose 5 freedoms that they used to enjoy including the ability to keep your doctor and the ability to keep you policy.  Read this article for the full list.   

A top-down, federally-run, one-size-fits-all massive bureaucracy will not serve our veterans well no matter who runs it.  Fraud, waste and indifference to customers are intrinsic to monopolistic systems like the VA.  The Obama Administration would like to move the rest of us into a similar system to the one that has failed our veterans.  Vets fought for our freedom, let’s fight for theirs and get them the care they deserve.

The National Federation of Independent Business warns, “…employers who currently offer health insurance to their employees are experiencing devastating premium cost increases.”  What will that mean to your health?  No one knows.

Nancy Pelosi famously said we had to pass the ACA bill to know what’s in it. But, as this NY Times article details, the administration keeps writing the bill long after it’s been passed.  The endless changes to the law cause uncertainty among employers and therefore less hiring and lower economic growth. 

States are experiencing a surge in Medicaid enrollments but contrary to administration claims, many of these will not be paid for by the federal government.  States, get ready for a budget-buster.

An interesting collection of how other governments “control” cost.  The answer, of course, is rationing.  And the solution?  Always “more money”.

Democratic Senator Dick Durbin took to the floor of the Senate in 2009 and confirmed that the VA’s medical system is indeed “government health care”.  He went on to claim that reports of delays and rationing were fictitious.  What do you suppose the odds are of him correcting the record? What are the odds of him reconsidering his position on greater government control over health care for the rest of us?

One deception piled on top of another deception on another and another … . . 

Citizens need to file formal requests and wait eight months in order to get some real numbers.  Why? Because the real numbers aren’t good. Kudos to Judicial Watch.

When a customer has little choice, waste and inefficiency follow.

Can you imagine being forced out of an insurance plan that covered your sick child’s visit to the best hospital into a more expensive plan that doesn’t? 

Gaining access to health insurance doesn’t mean much if the hospital and doctor you need won’t take it.  Narrower networks under Obamacare exclude the best caregivers, in this case, Seattle’s Children’s Hospital.   But this is not an unintended consequence of the law, rationing is the purpose of the law.

Nice “work” if you can get it.

According to one insurance executive, “We have to break away from the choice habit that everyone has.”  Got that?  Your ability to choose your own doctor is a bad habit that government will help you break.  Thanks for nothing. 

Who are you going to believe?