This was the last, but by all means not the only, lie they used to sell Obamacare.

Predictably, the government isn’t very good at predicting future costs. 

The politicization of your health continues.  Harry Reid went nuclear to appoint three new Democrat judges; these judges have now vacated the Halbig decision and will hear the case again.  When government is in charge of the health care industry, this is what we can expect.

Do you trust the federal government with your most private information?

The hazards of consolidation. 

Good luck with the ‘dog ate my homework’ defense next time you are investigated.

Small group plans and employer-based policies are disappearing.  

Now they tell us. 

The ACA results in less competition and that means higher prices and lower quality. 

More evidence that shows the ACA was not a bill to restrain and reform the insurance industry, it was an effort to co-opt it. This was an insider deal from start to finish. 

A quick update in the wake of recent court decisions.

Politicians that extol the virtues of public schools send their own kids to private schools, so it should surprise no one that many of those who extol the virtues of Obamacare refuse to take ACA plans and Medicaid.  They do, of course, carve out time for the “important people”.   Who does the government consider to be the “important people”?  Not you, pal.

Another perspective on why government control of health care is inherently inefficient.