More evidence that shows the ACA was not a bill to restrain and reform the insurance industry, it was an effort to co-opt it. This was an insider deal from start to finish. 

A quick update in the wake of recent court decisions.

Politicians that extol the virtues of public schools send their own kids to private schools, so it should surprise no one that many of those who extol the virtues of Obamacare refuse to take ACA plans and Medicaid.  They do, of course, carve out time for the “important people”.   Who does the government consider to be the “important people”?  Not you, pal.

Another perspective on why government control of health care is inherently inefficient.

Is the federal government a reliable steward of your most personal information? 

A ruling is due this week that may have dramatic impact on ACA premium subsidies and force the administration to do what it should have done all along:  work with Congress to replace the law instead of relying on a “pen and a phone” to patch it with illegal executive orders.

Another example showing that the administration’s rosy predictions were wrong.  

Will government healthcare get your diagnosis wrong too?

It’s expensive, inefficient, and corrupt but did you know it will probably make even the insured less healthy?

It should come as a surprise to no one that the original price tag for Obamacare was way off.

The answer to better health care is not a better-run bureaucracy, it’s to run from the bureaucracy.

You can’t sue them and in most cases you can’t fire them.  But if government officials and bureaucrats aren’t telling the truth about waiting times, costs, treatments, and fraud in the VA, what makes us think they’ll tell us the truth about Obamacare results.

Betsy McCaughey proposes a sensible solution to the VA Hospital crisis that begins with patient-based coverage built around choice.  These are the principles around which every American’s health care should be based.

The unholy alliance between big insurance companies and the federal government continues.  Executives of large health insurance companies have become functionaries of Obamacare.