The press has been willfully blind to the plight of those of us with cancelled policies and new ones that are the “junk” policies Obamacare claimed to replace. Articles like this are an encouraging sign that the press may finally be acknowledging this fact before rates spike and employer-based policies are dumped.  Keep spreading the word. 

We won’t know the real story until HHS reveals the numbers from the insurance companies.  Demand that they do.

It’s Not a Bug, It’s a Feature

Waiting in line to purchase necessities is a characteristic not of a prosperous free society but of command economies under repressive regimes. Closer to home, one doubts even the Transportation Security Administration would be so tone-deaf as to advertise long airport lines as an indication it’s doing a great job. - James Taranto, “Wall Street Journal”

He also points out that long lines for new iPhones begin when the product is rolled out due to high consumer anticipation, long lines at the end of the product availability indicate desperation and a lack of alternatives. 

Do You Count? We Think So.

The real numbers for Obamacare will come not from this administration, but from the insurers who will have a net number of customers accounting for new sign-ups minus cancellations.  While we hope that number is positive, we are skeptical.  We are skeptical because we know what you are going through and that there are many more just like you.  We’re in your corner and will continue to be. 

President Obama said this? Oh really!?!? 

President Obama said this? Oh really!?!? 

This WON’T ever happen. President Obama said so.

This WON’T ever happen. President Obama said so.

Lies, Damnable Lies, and Statistics

Today, the Soviet Central Committee will report a record wheat harvest! Oh sorry, we meant to say, today the Obama Administration will report it has achieved its Obamacare enrollment goals!.  Each claim is equally believable. 

Demand that the HHS divulge the back up for its numbers and that it report the real data from insurance companies.